Friday, August 25, 2006

Toot! Toot!

Here's how our Monday evening goes.

Pick up the boy from after school care.
Run home, change clothes, go to the bowling alley.
Feed boy (yes, at the bowling alley. shut up)
Babysitter comes and picks up boy.
I bowl.
They do whatever (park, library, store, etc) and we meet back up at our house.

One of our work-studies has been wanting to babysit, but she had classes on Monday night. This semester? Golden!

She has an unusual name and the boy had the hardest time remembering it.

BB - {whispers} What's her name?
Me - "Name goes here"
Babysitter - You can just call me "T".
BB - Can I call you "Tootie McToot-Toot"?
Babysitter - Uhhhh. Okay.

He has now told me to find something to do so Tootie came come and watch him. MY KID IS KICKING ME OUT OF THE HOUSE SO HE CAN HANG WITH THE BABYSITTER!

Should I be offended?

*Tootie is not her name. It's not even close.


  1. Sweet! Where do I get one of those?

  2. Heh. Your child and Jordan P used to practically beg to come home with me. Why do our children like other adults so well? We should swap kids for the weekend!

  3. Stacie Jo1:58 AM

    Oh just hush both of you. Your children don't live at the day care like mine does. He runs to me for a hug then he's gone to run amuck through the school after hours. Never know where I will find him.