Monday, August 28, 2006

Theatre (that's with an "re") Snob

I'm am so psyched over going to NYC. I'm hoping we can get tickets to something on Broadway. The Commander is a GINORMOUS Phantom of The Opera fan. (Don't tell him I told you.)

Cats is are is coming to Tulsa. I might take the boys to see it. I'll have to squeeze it in between Orchestra, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Cross Country. Not a prob.

I bought season tickets the other night. They rock. I used to have season tickets every year, but I've slacked the past couple. But now? I'm back. Some of their work I have enjoyed - Pirates of Penzance, Medea, Rumors, Dolls House, Comed of Errors, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Mikado. They did a smash-up (see? snob word useage) job with Verona and Mikado.

We are going to OKC to see The Rock and The Rabbi next month.

And in October? Sweeney Todd! I won't take the kiddos to that, but I've already bought the tickets. Wanna go with me?

High tea in the parlor makes the ladies holla.

Tea Partay


  1. Kelli in OKC8:36 AM

    Say it ain't so... CATS? I saw it in Tulsa a few years ago and thought it was awful....But then, like you, I own(ed) a cat ...and wasn't all that impressed with a bunch of peeps running around the stage acting like cats.....Maybe it was just me. m'eh. I whatevered it. But the kids might like. However, PHANTOM WAS Fabulous!!!!!!

  2. I've got season tickets to Lyric Theatre in OKC. CATS is coming here too! :)