Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Last I heard...

Got this from Miss Zoot.

You use your search engine (I use Blingo. Join me, won't you? I've won four times! Click the link down on the left.) and put in your name and "last I heard he/she was". Then you can see what you have been up to lately.

Sherry "Last I heard she was"

Last I heard she was in Bedfordshire but originally from Essex.
Quite so. High tea in the parlor makes me hollar.

Last I heard she was in Big D, she's gone from there now.
Hello, I'm in Bedfordshire.

Last I heard, she was going to have a psychological evaluation and might not end up in jail.
Ha. If they ever find me in Bedfordshire.

Last I heard she was staying in a beach hut down the Mexican coast having a great time.
Uh, no I'm not. I'm in Bedfordshire. Bedforshire. Not Mexico.

Last I heard she was in the Army and blew out her knee.
I hope it was my bad knee.

Last I heard she was marrying a Sergeant from the Army.
My physical therapist who works on my knee. (Don't tell the Commander.)

Last I heard she was deployed to the Gulf to fly helicopters in the National Guard.
If I can pass my physical. Damn knee.

Last I heard she was sleepin' rough
Down on the Darby beat
I have nothing to add to this.

Last I heard she was considering adopting not only a baby, but also the baby's teenage mom.
Hey! A two for one sale.

Last I heard she was taking legal action.
Yeah, I need some cash.

Last I heard she was collecting all things mod and searching desperately for vinyl dresses and white thigh-high boots.
So I can look good for the trial.

Last I heard she was worth only $7 million.

Last I heard she was in intensive care on a nitro glycerin drip.
Wouldn't you be if you just found out you were worth $7 million smackers?

Last I heard she was trapped in a dimension where she is punished and suffers only to an end for which she is resuscitated, and then punished again by the do-gooders of the Double Dragon UNIVERSE in an infinite loop of cruel irony!
I hate irony.

Last I heard she was seen at a Jerry Falwell prayer meeting early this morning.
So I can wave my $7 million in the air and yell, "And you aren't getting a cent, Mister!

Boy, I have been busy. What about you?

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