Thursday, August 02, 2007

Insert clever title here

I have been feeling unwell for most of the week and finally (finally!) feel like staying upright today.

I have been having a hard time posting anything because I haven't had anything exciting to post about.

But today? Today I can brag.

The Boy got his first trophy this week.

We went to the Bow Wow Bowl Off Tuesday night. It is a fund raiser for the Humane Society here in town. This is the 5th year for it and the 1st year we have participated. The Boy ended up winning a trophy for the highest game in the kids' division! Woo and then Hoo!


I went to a local music store last weekend to buy a metronome for piano lessons. The one I picked out was attached to this. So I ended up paying a little more than I wanted to for the metronome, but I got a really cool keyboard to go with it. And, this savvy shopper got the guy to throw in a stand for it.


Lawn mowing this weekend! I'm so excited!


Oh, and by the way

It may be sooner.


Guess how many times I had to backspace and retype words in this post?


  1. stacie1:07 AM

    guessing 19..hehe. I was thinking about your green bathroom today while watching one of many home shows. Someone had pink...i had to laugh b/c my parents bathroom had the pink shower, toilet, and sink. How green and pink were considered great bathroom colors in 1976 I don't know..good thing I was only 3 with no real opinion.

  2. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Congratulations on the first of many trophies to come.

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