Friday, November 28, 2008

It is my own fault.

While all of you crazies were out running around and fighting the crowds before the crack of dawn, I was sleeping in. Why? Because my Christmas shopping is 97% finished!

I try to start early to make sure I have things purchased before the rush hits. I love shopping, but I don't love shopping with the population of a small city all in one place. And while I'm sure buying a ginormous TV for a couple of hundred dollars off is nice, we don't need a (another) ginormous TV. And to the man who was camped out in front of the electronics store since Tuesday...seriously?

I hope you all managed to get what you went for and no one got into a fist fight over the latest and greatest thing.

Enjoy your nap.

You Are a Discount Shopper

You love to get things as cheaply as possible. You live for sales.

It's partially because you like to save money, but it's also because you like the thrill of finding a fabulous deal.

Of all the types, you tend to shop frequently but rarely buy. You keep an eye on prices.

Brand names are not that important to you. You know how to have style without collecting designer tags.

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I regularly get up at the butt crack of dawn but not to shop...I did not go out this monring. I can buy gift cards anytime. Everyone hates what I get them anyway so this way I save the heart ache!