Sunday, November 23, 2008

What's Up?

So my husband was giving me grief last night about not updating my blog. "Now I don't know what you are doing." he joked.

I think since he has lived in Iowa before, he would have some idea of what I've been up to.

That's right. Not a lot to do here. My work days have been cut down since harvest is winding down. Bowling once a week. Book club once a month. Picking up The Boy from school every day. Cooking. Baking. Jello making!

I would like to say that my house is SPOTLESS, but that ain't happening.

I read. I read a lot. I just finished "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". I really enjoyed it. Next on my list is a book about Postville, Iowa. The kosher meat packing plant there got raided this summer and more than 300 illegals were carted off. The book is about when the Jewish people first moved into the town way back when.

I also have spent way too much money on rubber stamps and accessories to start making my own greeting cards. Jump back!

Right now, I'm up at the crack of dawn because somewhere in the bedroom is what I believe is a digital watch that has its alarm set for 5:45am and if I'm in a light sleep, it wakes me up. Sigh. Anyway, I can sit on my recliner and watch the sun come up over the snow covered corn field behind our house.

Yesterday, The Commander took us out for breakfast during a blizzard! (Not really, but it was coming down pretty good.) Afterward, he decided to drive around and look at the snow. We saw five deer run across the road from one corn field into another. They get pretty big here because of the free range corn grazing so we have to really keep an eye out when driving.


Our high school football team played in the state championship game Friday. They came in runner-up last year, so they were really gunning for it. They started out terrible, picked it up quite a bit, but still ended up losing. They were down by two points with five seconds left and the attempted field goal was blocked. It was only their second loss this season. The team that beat them for the championship last year? They came back and killed them in the semi-finals this year!


My computer's hard drive is almost full so I haven't been able to upload my photos lately. I am in dire need of an external hard drive, but I can't decide which one I want. I need to get off the pot and get one.


So that's my exciting life.


  1. Survivor Budy7:44 PM

    Get that hard drive!! Maybe you'll be able to sleep past 5:45am with more peace of mind.

    Your own greeting cards..what the?? I remember when you heard I was doing one little scrap book and I think you wanted to thump me on the head. I think you'll find it to be quite addictive! I look forward to seeing one soon. (Hint, hint!)

  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

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