Friday, December 19, 2008

He's gonna kill me for telling you this.

Shorty came home from university yesterday for winter break. (Yea!) I knew he had been stressed with his finals (He had an online Trigonometry class that was eating his lunch.), but I didn't realize how that stress, on top of him being a male, would affect him.

Remember those SEVENTEEN rolls of wrapping paper? Those play an important part in this story.

He went into his bedroom and started wrapping Christmas presents he had brought home. After he had everything wrapped and was relaxing on the couch, I walked by the tree and saw a couple of packages had been wrapped in some paper I had purchased years ago for The Boy to wrap his presents to Daddy. How do I know this? Simple. The paper has stick figures on it and childlike writing that says "I Love My Daddy".

I chuckled that he would pick that paper to wrap the presents to his dad in that paper. Closer inspection showed that the presents weren't to his dad. They were for his aunts. Of course, I had to point out his mistake.

He had no idea that the paper was "Daddy" paper. "There are seventeen rolls of paper in there! Why did you pick that one?" "It was blue! I like blue!" I asked if he was going to re-wrap the presents. He said had wrapped the once, he's not doing it again. :)

To make me smile even bigger, he also had wrapped a present for his mom in the same paper!


  1. As one of his Aunts, I plan to give him a very hard time about this. :-)

  2. Hee hee...wish I could be there to see him squirm when he gets the what for!

  3. stacie9:44 PM

    catching up on your happenings and this one made me roll! I still like the kid/adult though..hehe