Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm not always in a snit.

The Boy's birthday is tomorrow. Thus begins the tale of The Goodies.

Friday - Go to sprawlmart. Show them this photo from last year and ask, "Can you do it?"

I need to talk to manager. Leave photo with notes about how many (30), when needed (Tuesday afternoon) and phone numbers.

Saturday - Go to sprawlmart. Talk to manager. She hasn't seen photo. She takes a look and says it can be done, but she needs to talk to her manager about price. Will call me.

Sunday - Nothing

Monday - Nothing. Go to other store and buy substitute goodies.

Tuesday - Call from sprawlmart. Just checking to see if anyone called you?

We went ahead and told her to go ahead and make them because the price she quoted was not too bad and that's what he wanted.

SuperMom comes through again!

(From last year. See how excited he is about them?)

Guess I'll have to eat the backup goodies myself.

(Again from last year. The Commander enjoys them as well!)


  1. OMG I NEED those!!

  2. Oh, and Happy birthday, kiddo!

  3. Ursula1:04 PM

    I was waiting for a picture that would show up on cake wreaks.
    I hope they turn out as cute as the ones from last year. Yum!

  4. Ursula1:07 PM

    wrecks, I mean cake wrecks. Leave it to me to slaughter a word. They can slaughter the cakes. :)

  5. Survivor Buddy4:10 PM

    Just too cute! Looks like his classmates are going to have quite the fun! Shorty should be getting a card from us in a day or so. We'll miss seeing him on his big day. I heard just yesterday about a webpage about cake wrecks. I'm going to search for it.