Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sharing some time.

Us old farts bought a time share in a resort.

We went over today to get our photo IDs and our parking stickers and to show The Boy the lay of the land.

We are really looking forward to parking the RV there this summer. They have paddle boats, miniature golf, horseshoes, shuffle board, basketball courts, tennis courts, an indoor pool, a HOT TUB, board games, an arcade and all around good times. They have kids' nights with crafts, movies and the ilk. It is going to be so much fun!

Here are some photos of the big play ground.

They have HUGE tires stacked up for the kids to crawl around on. Since there is still snow, The Commander had to be his 12 year old self and throw snowballs at people.

I got hit by the shrapnel on this one.


Now I have to go look up the Spanish word for butter because the waiter at the Mexican restaurant where we had supper knew just enough English not to know what I was asking for.


P.S. The Spanish word for butter is mantequilla.

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  1. Survivor Buddy10:03 PM

    Great timing on the snowball bursting as it hit! I'd have to take a hundred shots to get that one!