Saturday, March 07, 2009


It is eerily quiet in the house this morning.

The dogs are in the kennel and The Boy is at his Grandma's house. It is just me and The Commander. (I know what you're thinking, but we are both getting over the flu and anything more strenuous than drinking a glass of water wears us out.)

We drove up to Minneapolis last night to pick Shorty's girlfriend up from the airport. It was her first flight ever and she was a little nervous, but she said as they got going, it wasn't too bad. The poor child flew up from a balmy 80 degree Oklahoma to a chilly 31 degree Iowa and totally forgot to bring her coat. She wasn't too thrilled this morning when I told her we were expecting 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow.

We didn't get back home until around midnight last night and Shorty had to be back at Iowa State this morning at eight to rehearse something the Cadets are doing at dinner tonight. The left about five. Yick. I woke up, wished them safe driving and went back to sleep. I'm not dummy. We are going to leave around lunch time today. I have to get my hair "did" at 11.

I'll try to put a photo or two up here sometime next week of us in our finery. The guys will be wearing their military uniforms and we hot chicks will be in fancy dresses.



I have made a couple of more recipes that I have really liked.

I made Cinnamon Coffee Cake for church the other day. Very easy and very good.

But the one I'm most excited about was Lemon Chicken. Lemon Chicken is one of my top three things to eat at Chinese restaurants so I thought I would give it a try. I wish I would have battered and fried the chicken like in the restaurants, but this was very, very tasty.

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  1. All righty - - still waiting for a photo of your hair "did" and you all dressed up in your is now 11:32 CST (DST) and no photo's have appeared.

    *tap, tap, tap, tap, tap.......