Monday, February 27, 2006

As A Matter of Fact, It's Not That Nice

As many of you know, the Army has taken my husband away for a while. And while he is getting paid more at this job than he does at his civilian job, we aren't really seeing much of it. We are having to support two households - utilities, food, gas, etc. - and we are paying off some bills we have. And frankly, it is hard being apart from each other. It is *very* hard on me. I am pretty much a single parent right now. I don't have an adult to hold meaningful conversations with in the evening. I have to do *all* of the household chores myself. I am in charge of getting six acres of lawn mowed. Ordering firewood. Hauling trash. There isn't anyone at home to call if I have car trouble. There isn't anyone to watch the boy if I have something come up in the evening or if I have to go into work early or stay late.

So when I mention that I am going to get Merry Maids to come and give me an estimate on cleaning the house and you pop off with, "Must be nice to be Mrs. Commander." Guess what? No. It isn't that nice.

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  1. I think you should have all the help you can get....maybe they have a merry lords to do the lawn and firewood????? That would be nice.

    Thank you to David for his part in protecting our country and yours for supporting him.