Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stuff and Such

Here's photos of my "strep throat craft days".

The Pillow. It is so soft and comfy. Mom may not get it after all.

The scarves (not scarfs as previously reported).

And a quick note to the dog.
I know you are a dog and dogs bury bones and other foodstuffs. But it doesn't work that well with water.

Really, it doesn't.

P.S. Go Penguin Go!


  1. I thought my dogs were a little on the dim side.

    My daughter is usually the one putting the dogfood in the water bowl.

    P.S. the pillow is VERY cute.

  2. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about Cooper biting a piece of gravel by mistake!

    Good work on the scarves and pillow you Goddess of the Crafts.

  3. Love the scarves! My mom is doing the craft section for the family reunion, you should e-mail her the instructions :)


  4. You're doing great on the wt loss.. what kind of diet are you doing??