Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oooops! heheheheheh

So I pick up BB and his friend Red from Snob Hill Day School* and take them to eat before dropping them off at VBS. I called Red's mom and was talking to her while the kiddies were eating.

RM - Let me know when you need your lawn mowed and I'll come over and do it for you.
Me - Okay. I'll bring the liquor.
RM - Ha ha ha!
Me - I'm down to one Hard Cider. Maybe I'll drop the kids off at church and head to the liquor store.
Us - Ha ha ha!

Later that same day...

I get the kids to church and am standing in the fellowship hall with some other folks waiting for the kids to finish their cokes so they can go into the Sanctuary.

BB - Mom? Are you going back to your office?
Red - No. She's going to the liquor store! Aren't you going to the liquor store?
Me - Ack. Errrr. Ehem. Uh. No. Heheheh. I was just teasing your mom. Heh.


*Not its real name, but it might as well be. (I got into a "discussion" with the wife of one of the University's football coaches on why she couldn't park where she parked because it BLOCKED THE DRIVEWAY FOR THOSE OF US WHO PARK IN THE PARKING LOT WHERE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO AND NOT IN THE STINKING DRIVEWAY BECAUSE WE DON'T FEEL THAT WE ARE JUST A SKEENCH BETTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE! And by discussion I mean as much of an argument I felt I could get into while I escorting three small kids to my car. She was the one yelling at me that she could park anywhere she wanted. Oddly enough, she never got out of her Stupid User Vehicle the whole time she's yelling this at me. PLUS, I'm standing a good 10 feet from her vehicle and she tells me, "And don't you come up on me like that!" I guess she has a little larger personal space than most people. So I tell the kids, "Come on, kids. Let's go back in." and we turn around to go back into the building to tell the director about this crazed woman in the parking lot when said crazed woman pulls out of the drive, turns back into the parking lot, drives all the way through the parking lot and parks down along the edge of the building. Now she is not blocking the drive, but she is having to walk waaay farther than she would have if she would have just parked in a stinking parking space! Hey, whatever floats your boat, lady.) I'm surprised those "B" word women don't just park under the portico and toot their horn and have someone walk their kid out to the car.

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