Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We're waaalking. We're waaalking.

While my computer is processing some horrible, vile, putrid, gastro-intestinal projectile hurling, cattle video, I thought I would catch you up on what's been happening around here.

Not much.

So, thanks for playing and come back soon!

As you know, I went to a real, theater-sittin' movie last Friday (BTW - Pay no attention to the "professional reviewers". They have all slammed the movie.). Saturday we did as little as possible and Sunday we went over and saw my mom and dad. (Note to self: Don't go to Bass Pro Shop on Father's Day.) Monday was liquor store and league bowling night. Last night I cooked (!) meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, and green beans and then we hopped in the pool for a while. (I know! How more thrilling can my life be?)

But this morning? Excitement! I woke up before the alarm went off (I know!) and in my sleepy, 20/800 eyesight impaired, haze, I saw a big blob of something on the wall. Wazzat? I sat up and squinted to about 20/600 and thought, "That's not on the wall, that's HANGING DOWN FROM THE CEILING!" OMG! The hugest spider ever was hanging down from my ceiling about four feet away from me! Aaaackkkkk! I grabbed my glasses off the nightstand, slapped them on my face and WOOHOO! not a spider, but a badly placed peacock feather winking at me.

Nice way to wake up, wouldn't you say?

(A friend of mine recently went to Quebec City for a conference and brought me back a couple of pieces of candy he picked up at the registration desk. The are little, maple-leaf shaped candies and are yum-to-the-me. Sadly, not readily available in Oklahoma. Any peeps up toward the north that can lay your hands on some of these tasty treats or know where to get some?)


  1. I could get you some, but sadly, they probably wouldn't make it to you. In fact, they probably wouldn't even make it back across the Canadian border. They'll probably disappear while we're still in the duty free shop's parking lot. HAH!

    Yeah, Yum to the Me is right!! (Seriously, let me know and I'll hook you up.)

  2. Any chance they were maple sugar candy? I have an uncle that makes the stuff and can probably convince him to send some my way.

    -- Joe

  3. It is maple sugar candy, but it is the hard lozenge type, not the softer sugary kind.

    I'm down to my last one. Sniff....