Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wanna come to my room and have some toast?

Last night, another mom picked the kids up to take them to VBS. I took mondo advantage of this and partied like it was my birthday. Okay. Not really. But I did go out.

One of my best buds and I had EspaƱol night.
First - Taco Bell. (We consider that "our" place and sit in the same booth everytime. We're dorks like that.)
Second - Nacho Libre!

I had been watching Jack Black's podcasts so I knew the movie would be funny, but I didn't realize just how funny it would be. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face. I had to take my glasses off repeatedly to wipe the tears off. Plus, I found that as I get older, I tend to snort more when I laugh. My friend says he has noticed he does that as well, so I was in good company. Luckily everyone was laughing so loud, I don't think our snorts were noticed much. There was a slight problem with the alignment of the film and the top of the frame was cut off for 10 minutes or so and when we left, the manager was standing there apologizing for the technical difficulties. He handed us little coupons and said the next movie is on them. Bonus!

I give Nacho Libre! two snaps up and will definately be purchasing the DVD.

Why can't we have VBS every Friday?

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