Monday, July 10, 2006

Back the truck up - updated

See this?

Notice that it no longer says "Three months and one week". That's right. They're keeping him another year.

Me and the boy were going to move down there, but things are so up in the air, we don't know now.
- Can I get a leave of absence from work? Nope.
- We can't get housing until he gets written orders.
- School starts in five weeks.
- Can we get written orders and housing before school starts?
- How long 'til I snap?



  1. Oh good gravy Sherry! That stinks!! You'd think they'd have a better system (or just keep to their original plan). Idiots.

  2. Oh, that just sucks!

  3. Kelli in OKC12:04 PM

    You can't get leave from work? SUCKS!! GRRRRR. Schmidly must leave!! hehehe...I think that regardless of the situation but it just fits here. :)

  4. That sucks!

    (like I need to tell YOU that)