Thursday, July 27, 2006

Busy as a bee? That would be me.

1) We are getting ready to have a GROJ Sale (Gettin' Rid Of Junk) a week from Saturday.

The Commander is coming home next week for a few days to go through the garage, the shed, and the little barn. Man stuff.

I have been going through the house and taking all of the "where did we get this?", "why do we have this?", and "do I really need this?" stuff to the dining room to be priced.

The boys are going through their stuff (slowly).

In a nutshell, we have a lot of crap. Good crap, but still crap.

2) My family reunion is coming up in a few weeks. We are going, once again, to Possum Kingdom Lake down in Texas. I need to sit down and figure out what all I need to pack - towels, pots and pans, food, drink, clothes, swim suits, swim shoes, life jackets, games, activities, movies, stuff for the auction (we usually hand make things and then auction them off to pay for the community building we rent), stuff for bingo prizes...what am I forgetting? The place we stay has new owners and, woohoo!, they now rent paddle boats! I'm just called down there and reserved a paddle boat and a golf cart.

3) I've bought our plane tickets for me and the boy to fly down to see the Commander over fall break! I'm taking a week off of work and taking the boy out of school for three days.

The Rolling Stones are playing down there that week. The Commander wants to go. He mentioned spending up to $125 dollars or so a ticket and I scoffed. Ha! Maybe for Harry Connick, Jr., but the Stones? How many Geritol and Ensure breaks do they have during the show? Oh well, I'd go just to say I saw them and to support the Commander in his happiness.

So, what are you up to?

(My car was base. You should see the little hand prints all over the side.)

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