Saturday, July 15, 2006

So far, the day, she be full.

Get up very early (for no apparent reason) - check
Watch The Ringer - check
Eat a chocolate/caramel Pop Tart - check
Drink some white grape peach juice - check
Watch two episodes of Run's House (I heart him) - check
Feed the boy - check
Feed me - check
Help cousins load up boat to take to their house - check
Intervene on a Billygoat/English Bulldog death match (neither belonged to me) - check (it ended in a draw, but the boy got knocked off of his feet and into the side of one of the pontoons)
Shower boy - check
Shower me - check
Eat lunch - check
Drive like maniac to Tulsa - check
Arrive four minutes late for a wedding - check
Stuff face on horse-doovers - check
Stuff face on huge piece of cake - check
Watch (with WTF? expression) boy do the Cha Cha Slide on the dancefloor while people yelled "Sherry! Look at your boy! Where'd he learn that?" (dunno) - check
Hold six week old baby Noah - check
Give Mom and Dad their card and gift for 40th (!!!) Anniversary - check
Stop at Weber's for a root beer freeze (blended float) - check
Drink freeze while going "mmmmmmmm" - check
Drive not as fast back to Stillwater - check
Jam to Ska band Suburban Legends - check
Update blog - check
Go to store for milk and other essentials and then head back home to work on who knows what - on my way!

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