Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Unlike some people, I've turned on the gas fireplace for the last 14 mornings or so and have turned on the heater in the bedroom for the last 5 evenings.

But you know what? I can light the fire or throw on a hoodie and I'm good. For now. Ask me in a couple of months.


I stepped outside just a few minutes ago to take some photos of the full moon and when I opened the door, I thought, "It smells like snow!" Maybe it was just my imagination.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    girl, I remember going up on this day 7 years ago for an interview in Ames. It was like 30 degrees outside in the morning...and I thought they better offer me a lot of money to move somewhere this cold. They didn't...and I didn't have to move. :) But it was cold! Good luck. --kel

  2. Kel,

    It's not THAT bad. You actually get acclimated to the cold. Where I'm from after the winter has been around a while, in the middle of winter a day that is close to freezing, like 30, or just above, feels like a heat wave.

  3. Anonymous3:22 PM

    No offense, mr Motorcycle, but I dont think I can live where you live. :) --

    anytime 30 feels like a a little too cold for this chicklet.

    Does that count the sun shining becaues that helps?

  4. Let me step in here before the "cold" war breaks out.

    Kel - Mr. Motorcycle is from MinneSNOWta and doesn't know any better.

    Mr. Motorcycle - Kel was born and bred in Oklahoma and doesn't know any different.

    You both drink beer though, so there's that.

  5. O.K. You are both cracking me up. My face hurts from the ear to ear grin. Thanks for makin me smile this mornin.

  6. Trish9:15 AM

    Very cool pic. Glad you're able to stay warm! We're in the process of getting the new heat/air system installed, so we've had no AC or heat available this week. 'Cuz ya know here in Poke State, there are days when ya need both!