Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I pink puffy heart House Hunters, but the people on the show are starting to really work my nerves.

Waaaah. It doesn't have granite counter tops. (I have never had granite counter tops. Never will. I'm hoping for quartz if I ever get to remodel.)

Waaaah. It doesn't have stainless appliances. (These either. Magnets don't stick.)

Waaaah. There's carpet in the bathroom. (I like carpet in the bathroom. The house we built had carpet in two of the bathrooms. You just have to be careful.)

Waaaah. There's only one sink in the bathroom. (We went from two to one. We had to adjust.)

Waaaah. This room is Pepto Pink. (We accidentally had one of those rooms (It was supposed to be mauve.) We repainted it Sugar Cookie.)

Waaaah. There's no hardwood flooring. (Three. Count them. Three rooms in this house had 1970s red/orange shag. One even had (still has) red/white flocked wallpaper and grey/white paneling.)

One thing I have noticed is that the less money people are spending, the less picky they are. Usually the hundreds of thousands of dollar purchasers are the whiny babies.

Did you know I agreed to purchase the house I live in without ever seeing it in person? Just some iffy photos The Commander took? Did you know I never stepped foot into this house until after I signed the mortgage papers?

Do you know what I got excited about? Double ovens (One is a convection oven.). Double ovens that now anger me because I can't fit a jellyroll pan in either one of them?

Probably the one thing that is bothering me the worst about House Hunters? For whatever reason, St@r J0ne$ has been popping up as host. Gag. Why HGTV? Why?


One thing is clear to me. You can't know everything you'd like to know. You can't do everything you'd like to do. You can't read everything you'd like to read. You must hold onto some things and let go of others. Learning to make that choice is one of the big lessons of this life. - Real Live Preacher, Real Live weblog, September 9, 2003


  1. I thought about making a similar post. HH is my FAVE show. I even have my oldest watching it with me and he loves to figure out which one they choose. He's always right, I'm always wrong.

    Anyway, I totally agree. No house is perfect, but by golly most of those people expect them to be. And when I hear those people belly ache about the lack of granite (or YIPPEE! there's granite) and want to jump through the tube and tell them that granite looks good THAT DAY and that is it. That stuff is the hardest stuff to keep clean and you can't use windex etc. on it! I'd kill to have laminate back. Really. In ten/fifteen years when they go to resell those homes I suspect stainless and granite will hugely date the homes when everyone figures out how much more work they are.
    I haven't seen any with Star, though. I'll have to keep watching. I thought I'd seen them all.

  2. Trish1:28 PM

    Oh Gawd...I've seen a show or two w/ Star and I just have to turn it off. Can't. Stand. Her!

    Those whiney people hack me off, too. "Well, this kitchen isn't as big as where we are now." Well damnit, stay where you are or be willing to compromise. I think the worst is when the complain about the paint color. Do they not realize how flippin' easy that is to change? And this is coming from someone who hates, hates, hates to paint.

  3. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I love HH as well. And right now I'm living my very own version of it as we seek to buy a bigger house. It's lot easier to watch these people and make fun than it is to be those people doing the looking. sigh. - kelinokc (for now)