Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The challenge of it all.

Ya know, I really enjoy doing a hugely-huge project wrong twice just so I can appreciate how right I did it the third time.

It really doesn't help that I am beyond tired. Just a sample of my schedule -
- yesterday - worked with specialists, found out the movies on their websites weren't working, found out why!, fixed it, worked on another specialist's project, did it right the first time. Went bowling.
- today - Hugely-huge project done wrong twice, right once, building new web pages for three projects I'm working on. Playground meeting tonight.
- tomorrow - Slow day (ha!), get eyes checked. Evening at The Well.
- Thursday - going to a lavendar farm for project in the works. Going to Ada to pick up a motorcycle.
- Friday - David's birthday, Chris' eye appointment, working with two specialists on their pilot show, international food fair. I may have the evening free. Goodie.

Next week I have two days in Tulsa and one in Oklahoma City. They haven't caught on that two days seem to be open!

Wish me luck.

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