Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hear that?

Did you just hear a big Whoosh! coming from my direction? I was a hugely-huge sigh of relief.

I have been working on a fairly large project for a grant. The video is about 10 minutes or so long. (And has been a pain, but that is a diffent story for a different day.)

We got some new software in the other day and I had to load the Tiger operating system on my Mac to be able to use the new software. I did that without any problems. But before I loaded the new software, I asked many people, many times, "Now this won't do anything to my files, will it?" Nope, they said. "Are you sure?" Yep.

HA. I say.

I loaded most of it, but one application wouldn't install because I need a different graphics card. Great! Shopping!

But then...I opened up my new and improved editing software and guess what? All of the files are there, but the edited project was AWOL. I looked. A co-worker looked, "Huh." he says. "It should be there." Well, obviously is *should* be there, but it ain't. Luckily, the software has an autosave function and so we looked there. Nope, not there. (Insert cussing here.)

Well, you know me. A woman with a mission (and no desire at all to re-edit the project). I went down layers and layers of autosave files and? finally? I found it! So now all of those hours of editing and tweaking are not lost! Whew.

Yea me!

(We have an appointment to meet Butterscotch this afternoon. I know most (all) of you said Phlaughy, but I think Scotch would be a better wrestler for the boy. Or as we say here in Oklahoma "rassler".)

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  1. I HATE that panic of not being able to find files! Glad all is well.