Friday, September 02, 2005


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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce Cooper (the canine formerly known as Butterscotch.)

We went to animal control to meet him and he jumped up into the car like he had been riding in one since birth.

He can sit and so far hasn't had an "accident" in the house!

He cries when someone leaves the room and follows you right on your heels. He has been at animal control since at least July 15th so we think he has a little bit of separation anxiety. We left him in the backyard when we left this morning and he was crying so loud I almost brought him to work with me. Poor fellow.

He has (so far) been great. I'm glad we got him.

He goes in tomorrow to get a check-up and his shots. He is also having a "surgical procedure". He asks that in lieu of flowers, send a donation to the Red Cross or your local animal shelter. But not to Pee-Tuh. Those people have Jumped the Couch.

Click on his photo to see a couple more I took of him.


  1. Lynette10:28 AM

    He is adorable. Does he get to sleep on Chris's bed??

  2. Yeah! Looks like a winner!