Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Food, glorious food.

Today was International Something-Something day on campus. The International clubs set up on the library lawn and serve food from each of their countries. There are 15-20ish booths set up with a crap-load of food to be eaten. A bunch of us usually go over there together, spread out and buy platefulls, and then stand around sampling what everyone has bought. You can't be a germaphobe here! We had all kinds of goodness. Most of which I can't pronounce.

But to top it all off, there was a United Way fundraiser going on in one of the buildings. But not just any old fundraiser. It was a chocolate tasting. You pay a dollar and you get three tickets then you walk down the hall with your little plate and trade a ticket for a sample of any of the many homemade chocolately goodnesses.

I think I may have hurt myself.

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