Sunday, October 30, 2005

Shhhhhhhhhhhut it!

I'm a pretty good mom. In fact, I've been told I am the best mom on Earth. Actually the best mom on Earff, but I got the gist. I try to take the kids to fun places when I can and I'm all about fairs and parades. But yesterday, I lied to my child. Shocking, I know, but it had to be done! Here's what happened.

This weekend was homecoming here at The State's Univerisity. It is a huge production. We evidently have the largest Homecoming Parade *ever* in our fair town. Parade? We are *so* there! But wait. I took Chris to the doctor on Tuesday because he was hacking and wheezing pretty good Monday night. His asthma has gotten to the point where they finally have put him on a maintenance drug. He has been taking the daily pill, two different nebulizer drugs, a cough med, and, AND, an oral steroid. (That's why he wasn't playing in the World Series this past week.) The doctor told me to keep him home the rest of the week. (woohoo!) By Thursday, we were bouncing off of the walls so I snuck him out to Famous Footwear to return a couple pair of size ones that were too small for him. He then proceeded to bounce off of everything in the store before I sat on top of him to measure his foot (not really) (well, I did measure his foot, but I didn't sit on him. I did grab him up by his shirt-front and explained that we weren't at a playground and he could just knock that crap off real quick. Best Mom EVER! Woot!) Funny, his size one feet are now a size 2 1/2! How did that happen? Anywho...being out in the cold air makes his cough a little worse and so yesterday, I tried to NOT MENTION THE PARADE. We dropped off Matt to help park cars for the Scouts and headed out to get the oil changed in my car and grab some breakfast. Eep! I had to drive past the parade route where hundreds of people were gathering to watch.

Chris - Mom, what are these people doing?
Me - Remember when we talked about Homecoming and stuff?
C - Yes.
Me - Well, these people are here for that.
C - Oh.
Me - (whew!)

So we get to the oil place and right away the guy says "What time is the parade today?" GACK! Uh, pretty soon I think. (Shut it. Shut it. Shut it.) I keep talking about the car until we can scurry across the parking lot to Burger King. (I found out the boy likes Sausage Croissandwiches. Durn it. I had to share. He did share his Cinna-minis, but still...) We get to the counter and first thing, "Are y'all going to the parade?" GACK! Uh, no. He can't be out in the cold air with his asthma. (Shut it. Shut it. Shut it.) We get our food, go out into the playroom to eat and I finally come clean.

Me - Bud, I'm sorry we can't go to the parade today.
C - What parade?
Me - (What parade? What parade? The parade every-freakin-body has been mentioning and I should have just kept my yap shut about it.) Um, they are having a parade today for Homecoming. That's why the people were down the street. But it is too cold for us to be out there.
C - That's okay Mom. I didn't want to go to the parade anyway.
Me - I heart you.
C - I heart you too.

We finished up with breakfast, retreived the car, and went to a local bookstore for a showing of the new Veggie Tales movie "Lord of The Beans".

It's all good. And I still may get to keep my title.

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