Wednesday, October 19, 2005

How we spent our 11th Anniversary

Busy, busy, that's what we are.

David's unit had its departure ceremony last Saturday. Afterward, he bought me this. (Well, not *exactly* this, but one almost like this. The photo of the actual one wasn't up to par.)

Good thing the traditional 11th anniversary gift is steel!

He leaves today for Ft. Bliss and is supposed to be gone until October 2006. He will get to come home some, but probably not much. We are flying down over Christmas break, but we don't know yet about Spring break and the summer.

This having to be the only adult in charge thing is no fun.

Go Team Prozac!


  1. nice car...did you trade in the element? is yours the same color or different?

  2. Man! I can't wait for our 11 year anniversary :) What'd you get for your 5th? Ours is coming up in the beginning of November... Maybe you should email Scott :)))

  3. Stacie Jo6:10 PM

    I thought I saw you the other day in something different. Nah, I would have heard by now. Woohoo for you!

  4. Transitions are never easy, but at least he's being considerate and trying.


  5. that's better than the 3 year (or something) that's cotton. I think I got a pillow case.

    Sweet ride.

  6. Yeah, no WAY that's YOUR car. It has a Other University tag on the front.