Sunday, October 02, 2005

Long Distance Information

I know it has been a while, but nothing exciting has been going on. I'm writing bright and early (thanks drunk hotel neighbors!) from Memphis, Tennessee! We got here late Friday night and will be going back home today. We packed yesterday FULL.

Here is the hotel we are staying in. They bought the historic building next door (the one you see) and have remodeled it. Trouble is, they haven't finished the lobby so we have to get on the elevator in the original hotel, take it to the third floor, walk down the hall and through the connecting walkway, get on another elevator, and take it up to our floor. That's a trip in itself. Last night there was a domestic dispute across the hall (I watched it through the peephole). It was pretty good. She was throwing his stuff out into the hall and they were both yelling. My favorite part was how she threw the pillows underhand. It is a pillow for cripe's sake. Chunk it overhand. At 4am this morning, the neighbors right next door were doing construction or something just as loud. The guys were using their drunk, outside voices. They are in for a treat when I let Chris loose in here in about an hour and a half. Mmwwwaaaahahahahahah! I'm thinking of putting a target on the wall and chunking our shoes at it.

Our first stop yesterday was the Peabody hotel to see the ducks. Good thing it was free. The boy liked it though, so that counts for something.

Then we rode the Ducks. The ones that travel on land and water. You've probably seen them in Branson. It was a good tour. We saw Sun Recording Studio, the Motel where MLK, Jr. was shot, the Orpheum (Who, by the way, needs to change the sign on the marquee. It said, "John Prine, Tonight, 8:00". I got all excited. I heart John Prine. When I called to check on ticket prices, IT WAS FRIDAY NIGHT. Why would they do that to me?), Beale Street, and the like.

Then we headed to the Pyramid to see The Art of The Motorcycle. (The reason we came.)

One of my favorites.

David in back

Shout out to Richard!

Another of my favorites.

Then we went and ate a a rib joint called Rendezvous. It is in an alley. It was pretty good. The ribs aren't slopping with BBQ sauce. They are dry and you have to add sauce. The sauce itself is sweeter than we are used to. We use more of a vinegar base where here, they use more of a sugary type base.

We are stopping by the Arkansas Apple Festival today to get some yummy, yummy apple cider.

See everyone later!


  1. Damn Spammers!

    Love Memphis! The Peabody is where we spent the first two nights of our honeymoon (we won't think about how long ago that was). While I don't think I could ever stand actually living there, we've always enjoyed visiting. Have fun!


  2. You went to Memphis and didn't go to Graceland? Elvis's auto museum is pretty good.