Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm going to New York City! Have I mentioned that? The Commander and I are going next week. I'm beyond excited. (And a little nervous.) I've been practicing my cussing. I'm getting pretty good at it so I should fit right in. And I bought an extra memory card for my camera 'cause I know you wanna see the hick in the city.

The Boy and I were talking about it last night. He asked what I would be doing there.

Me - We will be going to the theater. I know you don't like that.
Boy - It depends on the play.
Me - Phantom of The Opera?
Boy - {{{wrinkles nose}}}
Me - See?
Boy - Will you see Lady Liberty?
Me - Yes.
Boy - Will you bring me lots of trinkets from the gift shop?
Me - You betcha!

He is all about the gift shops.


  1. I love visiting NYC. I also love leaving. It's wicked expensive. They should just make everything free and charge you 25 cents every 15 seconds.

    If you have the time, go to
    and book a reservation at Le Cole It's the student-run resturaunt at the French Culinary Institute. There is not a finer meal on earth for $25. I promise you.

  2. Ooooooooooo

    Well have fun and you bet we want to see those pictures of the hick in the city!

  3. The reservations have been made.