Thursday, March 15, 2007

How you doin?

Thirteen Things about Sherry

1. This was my dishwasher two nights ago.

2. Yummy isn't it?
3. I meet with a repairman today.
4. The estimate to fix Matt's car is $1,156.88.
5. Guy who ran into the car is refusing to pay.
6. He says he barely bumped him and didn't cause that much damage.
7. Guy doesn't know who he's dealing with.
8. I called the assistant city attorney, WHO I KNOW, and got some advice.
9. I got a form yesterday from the police station to send to the Department of Public Safety.
10. If my form is approved, the guy will get his license suspended until he pays.
11. As my brother-from-another-mother says, "You don't f*ck strangers in the a$$."
12. Insert evil laugh here.
13. When I left the police station yesterday, I swear to you, it was all I could do to keep from whipping into Walgreen's, unwrapping four Cadbury Caramel Eggs and cramming them into my mouth right in the middle of the store. I was that stressed. So if any of you kind folks have some extra Caramel Eggs laying around, let me know. I'll send you my mailing address. (Do they sell those by the case?)

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  1. Stacie Jo8:18 PM

    Go girl...kick some butt! Gotta love city connections...hehe.

  2. Wooooeeeee girl! I think we're related!

    Go get 'em! (And let us know how you make out.)

  3. You gotta stand up for yourself. No one else is going to take care of it. Go get em!