Monday, March 12, 2007

Post #238

You may want to sit down for this one.

Ladies and Gentlemen. I have fought tooth and nail, kicking and screaming, but it has happened. Our household now owns a Play Station 2 (PS2).

There was never really a need for one. Why would we want to own a "video game" and become "couch potatoes" for an unGodly amount of money when we were perfectly content so sit on the couch, eat, and watch TV for free?

But then mention was made of "Guitar Hero" and then "Dance, Dance, Revolution". Grown up human beings who were mothers were singing the PS2 praises.

So I folded. Like a cheap lawn chair. Like a bad poker hand. Like a $2 accordion.

PS2? Check.
Guitar Hero? Check.
Dance, Dance, Revolution? Check.
Some race car game? Check.
Some motorcycle racing game? Check.
Extra steering wheel type controls for racing games? Check.
Memory card? Check.
You may want to step aside when I write this check 'cause it ain't gonna be pretty? Double check.

So far it has been fun. Not Atari fun, but still... DDR kicked my Reubenesque-ass. And that was just on the beginner's practice level. GH is pretty fun (if you have rhythm). The boy was in charge of the whammy bar. If you were in the other room, you could hear me yelling out, "WHAMMY!" Luckily the neighbors are far enough away.

So if you have any PS2 tips, lemme know.

(My tip? Don't choose the VW Bug as your race car. I'm just sayin'.)


  1. Oh, I so what to do that Dance thing.

  2. stacie jo10:16 PM

    This is scary Jeff just plugged his PS2 in tonight after being in a box since we moved. He plays tiger woods golf game way too much!! I even told him to make sure the cord goes back under the tv cabinet every night so I don't trip going to the bathroom b/c if I do i'm kicking it hard. then he said alright ps3 coming home....grr. I can't win! lol