Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Miss Stacie, this one is for you.

Sleeping Mommy has a little story about her oldest falling from a chair, busting a head, bleeding, and stitches.

Have I told you our story?

When the Boy was one (A nice day in April. I remember it well.), they were getting ready to eat lunch at daycare. For whatever reason, he decided to stand up in his chair. The chair went one way and he went the other. Face first into the edge of the table. It split his eyelid open. The director called me at work and told me what happened and said, "He may need a stitch." (This is where you see where I am totally opposite from Sleeping Mommy on the freak out meter.) I calmly drove to the daycare, went into his room, and asked the teacher (HI MISS STACIE!), "Did he eat?" (Cause I'm all about nutrition. You need vitamins to coagulate!)

ER? Walk-in clinic? ER? Walk-in clinic?

He wasn't bleeding anymore so I went to the walk-in clinic. He still had blood on his face and looked pretty bad. When I carried him up to the desk and asked the lady, "How long is the wait?" She looked up at us and said, "For you? None." (Note: Blood gets you in quicker.)

By this time, the Commander had made it to the clinic and was in the room with us. The doctor decided not to give him a shot of anesthesia. Instead, they put some on a gauze and told us to hold it on the wound for a bit until the skin around it turned white. Five minutes or so.

'Scuse me? You want me to hold a one-year-old completely still with a medicated gauze stuck on his eye? Have you children, Kind Lady?

I don't know how many minutes later, the Commander and I are totally soaked with sweat after a few rounds of wrestling with the Boy and the skin around the wound is *finally* white.

They strapped him into the papoose thingie to keep him from wiggling around and asked if I wanted to stay in the room.

Not a chance. Call me when you are done. Sorry kid.

Eight stitches later, he's good to go.

I love his little scar. When he is really upset, it gets very red.

Remind me some time to tell you the story of his foot turning ALL THE WAY, COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY, BACKWARD and my mad skilz in keeping from doing a Daniel Boone* all over the place.

*Shooting my lunch. (I love Urban Dictionary's word of the day.)


  1. Um. ALL THE WAY AROUND?!?!?!

    Um. Yeah. I guess you can tell that I would totally lose it. Preferably after I was out of eyeshot/earshot of the child. However, knowing Snoring Daddy he'd come in and start telling me to calm down and simply for that reason alone I would do the exact opposite. I can't help it. It's a reflex. To do the opposite of anything SD says to do that is.

  2. Stacie9:02 PM

    My question is did the walk in clinic bill as dr. visit or a major surgery? Jman's was billed as surgery...took us over a year to get insurance to pay it. Should have been on someone else's bill not ours but I'm such a nice, devoted "person". Thanks for the memory though! Still remember that myself, along with another head wound, and the tip of a finger gone...gotta love Hornberger.

  3. Did you ask why they waited so long to share the papoose udea?

  4. SM - Not all the way around. Just backward. A 180 if you will.

    Stacie - That was six years ago! Baby Brain!

    Ron - Never even thought about it.

  5. Okay, ONE of us has ESP. I was just going to leave a comment on how much I loved this post - and you were on mine? Freaky. Deaky. And nice to meet you.