Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dave the Barbarian

The Commander just keeps getting more high and mighty.

He had quite the surprise last night. He was inducted into the Honorable Order of St. Barbara.

If he keeps this up, I may start having to act like a Mrs. Commander. Blech. From what I hear, other Army wives don't really care for the Mrs. Commander. Don't group me! I'm fun! I poo-poo smugness! I make fun of the drivers in their Lexus/BMW/Porche Stupid Users Vehicles. I shop at Walls. I'm boringly normal! I have friends who would punch me in the head if I started gettin' above my raising. I league bowl for cripe's sake! (Hmm...I'm starting to see next week's Thursday Thirteen "Why Sherrypg will never be a member of the Junior Service League.")

Anywho...Congrats Commander!

(He also placed* in his division at the Bataan Memorial Death March last month. Woot!)


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