Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Little kid, confusing words.

A loaf of bread, a low tire, a long story short...

Last night as I was trying to back the car into the garage (after making a run to the grocery for some artisan bread at 9pm cause I had a craving (and who wouldn't?)

An authentic bread from Puglia, Italy. A rustic country style loaf with a creamy, chewy interior and a crackly crust. This bread goes with anything.

and I needed to get the low tire closer to the air compressor without hitting any of the four motorcycles thankyouverymuch) I had to pull back out, reposition, and try again. The following conversation ensued...

Me: Aarghh! I'm a terrible backer-upper.
Bright Boy: Yeah.
Me: What?! Don't agree with me! You're supposed to say "You can do it Mom! Don't sell yourself short! You can back this car in!"
BB: I didn't mean it as "yeah", I meant it as "YEAH! You can do it! Make yourself long! Back the car in!"
Me: (Make myself long? WTF? Ooooooh Don't sell yourself short. Make yourself long. I get it.) That's more like it!

But I can parallel park like nobody's business!

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