Monday, May 01, 2006

How to ruin your child's day in three easy words...

The Three Tenors

Our library has some bookshelves in the lobby where they put stuff they have for sale. It used to be just books and magazines, but now they have added video tapes and CDs. I bought (brand new!) The Three Tenors CD "The Three Tenors in Concert" and The Monks of Silos "The Mystery of Santo Domingo de Silos". I popped the Tenors into the CD player in the car and off we went.

(Evidently these CDs cause excruciating pain and possible bleeding from the ears of young, male children.)

Bright Boy - Are you going to listen to *all* of the songs?
Me - Yes.
BB - (Huge Sigh)
Me - I'll probably end up taking it up to work and leaving it up there.

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