Thursday, May 25, 2006

If it's Thursday, it must be 13.

Thirteen (of the many) Photos of Sherrypg's Bright Boy .

Today is Bright Boy's last day of Kindergarten. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the little guy.

1. Welcome to the world Little (?) Man! All 9 lbs., 11 oz., 23 in. of you!

2. It's hot you see...

3. Stylin with the bunny.

4. The Fall Guy.

5. You may address him as "Chef".

6. Aaargh.

7. Walking the Mighty Mississip.

8. Jack makes me invincible.

9. Ohhhh...too much jack....

10. Remind me again how holding a pointy stick that is on fire is fun?

11. He loves tubing.

12. First day of Pre-K

13. First day of Kindergarten

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1 comment:

  1. Awwww.....too cute.

    I especially like the "Aaargh." I loves piratey things.