Monday, March 06, 2006

As good of an explanation as any

All the crap we have in our house? I have finally come to the conclusion that we built our house on top of a dump and it is seeping up through the floor.

The Maids come today. I needed to sweep some shoe schmutz up last night and then stopped and said to myself, "Nah, the Maids come tomorrow. heheheheheh"

Someone asked if they would be there all day and I said, "With my house? Pretty much. The baseboards alone will take all morning."

Maybe they can put a sealer down so the dump quits seeping.

I had a get-together Saturday night. Some friends came over for Taco Soup and we watched some basketball. A couple of them stayed after and we played dominoes until 1:30am. Before they got there, I was running around trying to clean up a little and said to my mom, "If I had company more often, I wouldn't need the Maids!"

Mom did dishes for me this weekend. She's cool that way.

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