Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (on Saturday)

Thirteen Things (Times Two) that Sherrypg has been doing for the past two weeks that kept her from updating her blog and getting her fans all concerned and so the phone chain started to find out if I was okay. (I'm fine Aunt Gladys. Just been busy.)

1. Attending a wedding and dancing to YMCA at the reception.
2. Spending time with the hubby who got to come home on leave for Spring Break.
3. Riding my new motorcycle that finally made it home!
4. Putting up an electric fence to keep the dog from escaping the back yard and chewing up the neighborhood.
5. Going to Bass Pro Shop and getting a new Nalgene bottle that will fit into my cup holder.
6. Taking the Bonus Son to Drivers' Ed classes.
7. Spending time at Ag Day at The Capitol for work.
8. Doing a brilliant job of avoiding a lying, thieving, former co-worker.
9. Sampling goat, buffalo, emu, pork, beef, fudge, pickles, and cheese at said event.
10. Traveling five hours with non-lying, non-thieving, current co-worker (platonic daytime spouse) to the Panhandle. (In the snow!?)
11. Eating pizza, drinking Hard Cider (natch), watching Top Chef (I'm addicted), swimming, relaxing in the hot tub, and playing dominos until midnight at the Days Inn.
12. Scraping ice off of the windshield with the side of a nail file.
13. Spending time at the Panhandle Ag Appreciation Day.
14. Freezing my @ss of for 8 hours in the Activities Building.
15. Basking in the warm fuzzies I got when the Director of one of the commodities groups asked me how much weight I had lost 'cause I was looking great.
16. Scoring a coffee cup with "Hooker Equity" on it. As well as a calculator, two "gimme" caps, a spatula, another coffee cup, four pens, an atlas, two pen lights, and a free lunch.
17. Sneaking to the front of the line to snag some Funyuns before they ran out.
18. Giggling like a 12-yo when radio station KGYN put up their booth.
19. Traveling five hours back home and practicing my Jersey accent (complete with smacking gum).
20. Laughing so hard my stomach hurt. (Haven't done that in for-ev-er.)
21. Attending a Parent-Teacher conference. (Go Bright Boy! Woot!)
22. Spending the better part of a day with the State 4-H Officers.
23. Taking Bright Boy to birthday party.
24. Totally forgetting I was supposed to take a loaf of bread to church for communion, but remembering before it was too late!
25. Buying new potholders with my mad shopping skills.
26. Attending my first ever Karate event to watch one of our students compete. (She won first place!)

Whew. I'm worn out. I may need some more Cider...

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  1. I need a nap after reading that list.