Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I can quit anytime.

So, for whatever reason, I bought a 1,000 piece puzzle this weekend.

It has become an obsession.

I started on it Sunday night around 8:30. I poured the pieces out onto the table and started putting the edge pieces in one pile and the inner pieces in another. I managed to finish the edge (minus one piece that had managed to wonder off) and got myself to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.

Monday night after bowling I worked on it a little more.

Tuesday morning I worked on it some while Bright Boy was waiting for me in the car. (Oh, right! School. Work. I'm coming.)

Tuesday night. More of the same. (I did do dishes while on a break.)

This morning? Must. Not. Work. On. Puzzle. Must. Go. To. Work.

Tonight? I'm torn. Top Chef comes on at 9:00. I can get supper finished, a couple loads of laundry, get the boy in bed, and maybe sqeeze in some puzzle before TC comes on. I'll probably end up working on it during TC. They'll rerun it anyway.

If I remember, I'll take some photos of it.

Sentences that have been said during puzzle working.

Me - Don't touch the puzzle!
Me - What are you doing?!
Me - Ack!
Me - Don't touch!

Bright Boy - Mom? Where am I supposed to eat?
Me - The coffee table.


  1. That's funny. I'm the same way. All life stops when I have puzzling to do. (I've even called in sick to work. Just once though. lol)

  2. LOL! Time for carpet picnics every night! WHOOHOOO!

    I'd love to see a picture. I bought one to finish and put in the girls' room this summer. Might just take me that long to actually get it done, too.

    P.S. With word verifications like hnaqekkj, I think my brain is sprained and there is no need for a jigsaw puzzle. LOL!