Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fun Fun

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Sherry needs a lot of time to care for them. (No kidding.)
Sherry needs the help of your students by coloring all the "sh" blocks blue. (Or purple. I'm not picky.)
Sherry needs to have a control group. (Or a group to control...)
Sherry needs to be phased out. (Not likely.)
Sherry needs to inform David that she can never again receive gifts of this sort from him. (But I like gifts!)
Sherry needs to be consumed within a few days of opening. (Just like Hard Cider.)
Sherry needs money too. (Lots please!)
Sherry needs to back off! (Says who?!)
Sherry needs to learn how to sleep at 3AM. (And 11:30 and 1:15)
Sherry needs time. (Time, time, see what's become of me.)
Sherry needs to be patient. (Patience my Aunt Harriet!)

Sherry wants her customers to know that all bedding prototypes go through rigorous testing to ensure quality and comfort. (We use them as trampolines.)
Sherry wants her mother to know that the FBI has no warrants for her arrest. (Three arrests, no convictions!) (Kidding.)
Sherry wants to know what's up. ('Sup fool?)
Sherry wants to be accepted by men as who she is. (Reubenesque.)
Sherry wants to infuse the politics of her country with the issue of the quality of human capital as the key to the development of the nation. (Yeah...what she said...)
Sherry wants to use violence. (If you can't beat them...arrange for them to be beaten.)
Sherry wants a doggy. (Not so much.)
Sherry wants to go. (Far, far away.)
Sherry wants to be First Lady again. (The first time kicked @ss!)
Sherry wants to possess NJ to satisfy her own needs. (And as you can see in the above, I have many needs.)

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