Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Sherrypg according to Drunk Katie and Slightly Drunk Vince.

1. I'm wound up from the ground up.
2. I share my Hard Apple Cider
3. I show my love with Old Dutch Caramel Corn.
4. I'm hospitable.
5. I release eggs for Mark Ruffalo.
6. I'm Super Sensitive.
7. I make a mean grilled cheese.
8. I'm Christopher's Mom.
9. I heart Harry Connick, Jr.
10. My first motorcycle was a Honda MiniTrail 70.
11. Vodka makes my cooter hurt.
12. I grow Aloe Vera better than anyone they know.
13. I don't like to do dishes.

Next time I'll ask them BEFORE they start drinking....

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