Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finished! Finito! Fin!

(As always, click on a photo make it bigger.)


I finished. But I must confess. I called in reinforcements. Some Hard Cider and my brother-from-another-mother. See the red on his elbow? I have that disease too. It is called "Too much time spent hunkered over the jigsaw puzzle while resting upper body weight on left elbow" disease. At one point, he had the imprint of a puzzle piece on it.

We got some nourishment (meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, green beens, rolls, strawberry shortcake) and then got started on the puzzle about 8pm or so. I think we finished sometime around 11ish.

This corner? If you look closely at the full photo, you will see that this corner was covered up with some advertising. The small pictures on the side of the box were almost useless. So this corner was pretty much a guess. The rabbit at the feet of the magician couldn't even be seen on the box. Tricky, tricky.

Good times.

Now what?

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